One step in and enclose yourself with the fresh aromas of Japanese tea, and little scent of Japanese culture too. -Welcome to Itohkyuemon-
Did you know? Matcha was first grown in Uji, Kyoto, over 500 years ago.
Since then it has evolved greatly and was even enjoyed by Shoguns of the past.
Sencha was first grown by a farmer named Souen Nagatani who lived in the mountains of Uji about 270 years ago.
Being of a completely different taste to Matcha, it was a revolutionary development in the history of Japanese leaf tea.
Uji has always been at the centre Japanese tea culture.
Our aim at Itohkyuemon is to combine traditional Uji tea and present styles to create a modern tea experience.

"Who is eligible for tax exemption"
Non-residents such as foreign travelers who have been in Japan for less than 6 months.
*Re-entry dates do not apply.

"What do I need to make a tax exempt purchase?"
You will need your original passport (with the entry stamp); a copy will not be accepted.
*If you are entering the country through an automated gate, please have your passport stamped when you pass through the gate.

"Tax Exemption Procedures"
1. Show the entry stamp (Seal of Verification for Landing) on your passport
2. Confirm the total price of your purchases eligible for tax exemption (priced over 5,001 and less than 500,000 before tax; over 10,001 for general articles)
3. Sign the Buyer Written Pledge

"Articles Eligible for Tax Exemption"
"Consumption Articles"
1. Eligible articles: Tea, snacks, foodstuffs, alcohol and other consumption articles.
2. Not eligible: Refrigerated products and other daily foods.
3. Important: It is forbidden to open the products that you purchased exempt of tax until you leave the country. You are expected to leave the country with them within 30 days of purchase.

"General Articles"
1. Eligible articles: Goods other than consumption goods such as tea-sets.

Exchanges, returns, refunds and shipping are not accepted.