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The Café Kyoto Uji Tea, Itohkyuemon

The aroma of fresh tea drifts through the café of our long established store.
Please take your time and enjoy choosing from our delicious menu.

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Uji Matcha Parfait ¥680 (tax included) The most popular item on our menu. Made with jelly, ice cream, Matcha syrup and only the finest Uji matcha, with a topping including sweet red beans - a truly Japanese flavour. It comes with a small plate of matcha powder, to sprinkle on top to your heart's content.

Uji Matcha Anmitsu Ice Cream ¥680 (tax included) Anmitsu is called the parfait of Japan. Served in a special bowl crafted in Kyoto, it consists of jelly made from high quality Uji Matcha, ice cream, and three kinds of Japanese sweets, topped with Matcha syrup.

Gokujyo Matcha 'Ajirogi' ¥680 (tax included) Enjoy the bitterness of a real Matcha experience. The traditional way of drinking is to eat the sweet first and then drink the tea, but we encourage you to enjoy it in whichever way you choose.

Uji 'Seifu' Sencha Set ¥680 (tax included) For those who want a real sencha experience. Served in a special handleless teapot called a "Houhin". If you are unfamiliar with the brewing process, please ask one of our friendly staff members for a demonstration.

Genji no Kaori Set (The fragrance of Genji) ¥972 (tax included) 'Takikomi gohan' (steamed rice cooked with vegetables) and matcha soba noodles. Choose between hot and cold noodles. Hot noodles come with warm soup while the cold noodles come with a cool soup.

Ujicha Soba ¥623 (tax included) The fresh green colour of these noodles come from the Matcha tea leaves used to make them. Relish the delicate flavours of the Matcha noodles. It comes with a side dish made from tea leaves flavoured with soy sauce.

Staff: Keiko Seto
Staff: Keiko Seto

"I highly recommend our 'Matcha Parfait' made with Matcha ice cream and our hand made Matcha jelly. It also comes with our famous Matcha powder, which you can sprinkle on top to your heart's content. We also have Gyokuro and Sencha teas, for an authentic Japanese flavor. Enjoy our wide variety of teas in a relaxing atmosphere."