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The Main branch Kyoto Uji Tea, Itohkyuemon

Our largest store. We sell a wide range of products, including fresh sweets and chilled products.
We specialize in Matcha and Ujicha sweets, sold as souvenirs, presents, wrapped in high quality gift boxes.
The store is spacious for your shopping pleasure inclusive with a café just adjacent to the display area.

A view inside the store

We have a large counter where patrons can try many of our products.
For those who have never tried Japanese tea or Ujicha, please sample our products at your own pace.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our friendly staff.

Shop curtain

Choose whether you would like your tea wrapped in a take-home pack, or gift wrapped for someone special.

An example of a wooden box used in earlier times to store tea.

Our signboard imprinted with the character 'cha', meaning tea.

Staff: Haruna Fujimura
Staff: Haruna Fujimura

"I am very happy to see the number of tourists from overseas visiting Itohkyuemon increasing these days. Being able to use the English that I have been studying is, for me, the most enjoyable part of my day. As well as Uji Matcha, we also have a range of authentic Uji Matcha sweets. Let me help find the perfect item for you!"